How to join OSA.

As an Analyst or municipal worker in a title represented by OSA and employed by New York City, The Housing Authority, NYC Health + Hospitals or the Transit Authority, to become a full voting member in our union, the Organization of Staff Analysts, you must complete and sign The Organization of Staff Analysts Dues Checkoff Authorization card. The card authorizes the City to deduct union dues of seven-tenths (.007) of one percent from your paycheck each pay period. When completed and signed, the card enrolls you as a voluntary member of OSA and entitles you to vote on union contracts and for union officers.

To obtain a copy of the Checkoff Authorization Card for Analysts in all City agencies (except the TA),
click here.

To obtain a copy of the Checkoff Authorization Card for Analysts in the New York City Transit Authority,
click here.

Why join?

If you are not a voluntary member of the union, you have absolutely no say in how the union negotiates your wages and benefits, what demands it makes at contract time, or whether or not to accept the terms and conditions negotiated. You have no say in who represents you in negotiations and you also have no say in electing officers. By joining the union, you gain full democratic rights in how you are represented.

In addition, when you join, you send a message to the City that you believe in a strong union movement in negotiations with your employer.

So, we believe it's in your best interests to become a full union member by signing a membership card.

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