MetroPlus Nurses Campaign


In this section of our website, we provide various materials we think should be of interest to you as you make one of the most important decisions of your working life -- which union will represent you in your dealings with New York City Health + Hospitals.

OSA is a strong union with a long history. We believe you should vote for us, not only because we are a good and effective union, but because we recognized your need for representation several years ago and set about achieving it. Only much later did our opponent in this election (DC37) intervene in those efforts -- after we had committed substantial resources and time to bringing things forward to where you will soon have the opportunity to be union members.

Initially, we are posting several videos about the value of OSA's Welfare Fund benefits. We will shortly be adding additional information, including a chart comparing OSA and DC37's Welfare Fund benefits. Remember OSA's benefits mirror those you now enjoy through the Management Benefits Fund. If you like those benefits, you get to keep them as OSA members.

District Council will tell you that it is offering "free drugs" but they are not free. To provide that drug benefit they are forced to reduce the quality of their vision, dental, life insurance, survivors and catastrophic benefits.

In another section, in reverse chronological order (from most recent to oldest) we will post all of the emails we have sent you to keep you updated on OSA's efforts on your behalf.

If you have questions about any of this material, please email or contact our Nurse Organizers Letitia Biggs, RN at (347) 853-2343 or Lurine McRae at (917) 748-1878. You can also call the union at (212) 686-1229 and ask to speak with OSA Chairperson Bob Croghan at any time. He will be happy to speak with you about any aspect of the Organization of Staff Analysts and why OSA is the better choice for MetroPlus Nurses.

The videos that follow were produced for OSA's successful 2015 Senior Consultants (MIS) organizing campaign. These brothers and sisters chose OSA over DC37 as their union. The information about benefits in the videos remains current and the differences in the two unions' Welfare Funds remain the same.We encourage you to watch all four videos. We think they are informative and each runs about 5 minutes (Please ignore references to an October union election which related to the Senior Consultants, not MetroPlus Nurses. We certainly hope you will have the chance to vote way before October of this year.)

OSA Chair Bob Croghan Discusses the Union's Vision and Hearing Benefits

OSA Chair Bob Croghan Discusses the Union's Disability, Death and Survivors' Benefits

OSA Chair Bob Croghan Discusses the Union's Dental Benefit

OSA Chair Bob Croghan Discusses the Union's Superimposed Major Medical Benefit