Mayor de Blasio first announced in late January 2021 that he was planning to return 80,000 City employees to the office who have been working remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. He said this "return" would begin in May of 2021. At the same time, many City employees have been working at their offices and field locations throughout the pandemic.

In mid-March, the Mayor discussed his plans for the "return" in an article in the New York Times, which you can read at this link. Labor has expressed its concerns that the reopening be done safely, at the appropriate time and in an appropriate way, with protections for members, as outlined in this article in the Chief-Leader

DCAS GUIDELINES FOR AGENCY REOCCUPANCY: The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has updated its guidance document on agency reoccupancy which we first posted on this website in June of 2020. It is intended to provide City agencies with protocols on preparing buildings, workspaces and the workforce for a return to office work. The document, "Managing the Return to the Office in the Age of Covid-19," has been sent to the leadership of each municipal agency. You can download the new version by clicking on this link.

The Mayor's announcement has set in motion a round of meetings between the agencies and the unions, including OSA, to discuss agency-specific plans for the return to work. In some cases, walk-throughs of office locations have also been arranged. The union is paying close attention to this issue. It appears the roll-out of these plans will, in most cases, involve staggered scheduling, social distancing and other techniques to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.

In the meantime, if you are told that you must return to your City worksite, please let us know by calling the union's grievance department at 212-686-1229. Since we have members at a very large number of worksites in more than 50 agencies plus NYCHA, the TA and NYC Health+Hospitals, we depend on you to keep us informed of what is going on in your agency and at your location. In addition, if you receive a policy memo telling you about agency plans for recalling you and/or other staff to their worksites, we would appreciate your forwarding it to the grievance department at the union.

As the City and its agencies move toward recalling workers to office locations, the union is monitoring agency instructions carefully and working to ensure that the procedures implemented are best suited to protecting the health and safety of OSA members and the health and safety of our brothers and sisters in other unions. Again, if you receive return to office policy emails or guidance from your agency, please be sure to forward them to us.


NYC DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING PRESERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT. HPD issued this memo about returning to work and this memo about leaves and reasonable accommodations.

NYC PARKS DEPARTMENT. Parks issued this memo about the return to work.

NEW YORK CITY HEALTH + HOSPITALS. New York City Health + Hospitals issued a different set of guidance documents in mid-2020 for its three main central office locations, 55 Water Street, 160 Water Street and 7 Hanover Square. These documents are prepared by the building management firms of each of these buildings. They were accompanied by a "workplace etiquette" document. We link them here:

160 Water Street Protocols

55 Water Street Protocols

7 Hanover Square Protocols

NYC Health+ Hospitals "Workplace Etiquette" Document

If we receive updated documents, we will post them.

NEW YORK CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY Memo from the Chairperson of NYCHA about planning for reopening facilities where people are presently working remotely (June, 2020).

LEGISLATION ESTABLISHING A TASK FORCE ON REOCCUPANCY. On June 25, 2020, the New York City Council passed, by a vote of 47-1, a bill immediately creating a 5 to 10-member mayoral task force charged with oversight and review of agency reoccupancy efforts. It became law when the Mayor neither signed nor vetoed the bill. The legislation can be read at this link.

LEGISLATION ESTABLISHING A REVIEW BOARD FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDANCE. In addition, the Council passed another piece of legislation, Local Law 22, on January 28, 2021.This law establishes a board to review the workplace health and safety guidance that agencies and private employers issued to employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. The board will hold two public hearings a year to solicit testimony from employees, relevant experts, and stakeholders and make recommendations on protocols for future public health emergencies based on an assessment of the testimony and any submitted guidance. The board will consist of 9 members: the Commissioners of Health and Mental Hygiene, Citywide Administrative Services, Consumer and Worker Protection, and Office of Labor Relations; two Mayoral appointees; two appointees by the Speaker of the Council; and one appointee by the Public Advocate. The board will submit a preliminary report after the first hearing and, by December 15, 2021, a final report to the Mayor and Speaker of the Council. You can read the law at this link.


The rollout of COVID vaccination has been a bit chaotic. Where do we stand? Starting April 6, all New Yorkers over the age of 16 will be eligible.

There are currently five vaccination sites prioritizing City workers, one in each borough. You can see the list by going to this page

In addition, appointments can be made at

or via these websites:

VACCINE FINDER is the Centers For Disease Control's national vaccine site finder

TURBOVAX.INFO, was created by an individual software engineer and aggregates vaccine availability from a large number of city and state-run administration sites in the New York City area. His Twitter account, which reports in real time on newly available vaccine sites has the twitter handle @turbovax.

NYC VACCINE LIST, is another site which aggregates available vaccine locations.

NYC DOHMH COVID VACCINE HUBS DOHMH Covid Vaccine Hubs are located in each borough. This site lets you schedule appointments at any of these City-run sites.

NYC HEALTH + HOSPITALS SITES. For appointments by phone, call 1-877-VAX-4NYC or 1-877-829-4692.

NEW YORK STATE OPERATED VACINATION SITES You can search for an appointment at a State-run site by visiting this site or by calling the state's COVID vaccine hotline: 1-833-NYS-4VAX (1-833-697-4829).

PHARMACIES, including CVS, Rite Aid and Duane Reade/Walgreens schedule vaccine appointments via their own websites.

WALK-IN VACCINATIONS FOR NEW YORKERS 16 AND OVER. The City is now offering a program for New Yorkers 16 and over in which an individual can simply walk up to a specified vaccination site without a prior appointment and get vaccinated. All that is required is proof of age. You can find a complete list of the eligible sites at this link.

VACCINE REGISTRATION FORM FOR FULLY HOUSEBOUND NEW YORK CITY INDIVIDUALS. You can register on this site if you are a fully housebound New York City resient and would like to have the City arrange an in-home COVID-19 vaccination.

CITY POLICY ON VACCINATION LEAVE The City has issue PSB 600-4 which covers the City's temporary policy on leave to obtain vaccination for COVID-19. You can read it at this link.

HHC LEAVE POLICY ON VACCINATIONS NYC Health + Hospitals has issued the temporary leave policy on vaccination for COVID-19 that you may read at this link.

NYCHA VACCINATION INFORMATION The New York City Housing Authority issued the linked memo in late March about vaccination policies at the agency. Please note that at least one of the vaccination locations for City workers mentioned in the memo has been replaced by a new site. The correct list of five sites can be reached from the button on the front page of this website. In addition, NYCHA issued the following vaccine leave policy memo on April 2, 2021.

TRANSIT AUTHORITY VACCINATION INFORMATION The MTA issued this vaccination leave policy document on March 29, 2021.


DCAS CITYWIDE MASK POLICY The Department of Citywide Administrative Services issued this policy on mask wearing in March, 2021. You may read it at this link.

DOHMH MASK FAQ The Department of Health issued this guidance on Frequently Asked Questions about face coverings in March of 2021. You can read it at this link.

DOHMH RECOMMENDATIONS ON DOUBLE MASKING The Department of Health issued this guidance on the wearing of double masks in March of 2021. You can read it at this link.

The coronavirus pandemic is putting enormous stress on all New Yorkers. OSA members and staff are no exception. Normal life is massively disrupted. We are in the midst of an enormous experiment in social distancing seeking to reduce the rate of COVID-19 infection citywide, to prevent hospitals from being overburdened, and to ensure adequate healthcare as it is needed.

It is a scary time. We are being asked not only to limit our activities, but to think about the possible effects our activities have on others and on our communities. It is unclear how long we will be away from our friends, relatives and co-workers.

We are being asked to practice social solidarity.

That said, unions know a thing or two about solidarity. It is our mission. One early slogan of the pioneering Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was "An injury to one is an injury to all." OSA members come together in union to fight for each other in and out of the workplace. Now, we are being asked to come together as a society to fight for each other during a health crisis of enormous proportions.

In the midst of this crisis, OSA is working to protect the health and safety of all of our brothers and sisters.

City employees have been divided by their agencies into "essential" and "non-essential" categories, with many of the former being asked to report to work locations and the latter being directed to work remotely from home.

All OSA members who have been identified by their agencies as performing "non-essential" services should already have been approved to work remotely. The citywide policy says that if you are assigned to perform "non-essential" services and are currently unable to work remotely because of inadequate equipment or lack of assignments, you will be granted excused leave with pay.

If you have not already been identified for telework, you should request that right by emailing your supervisors, your human resources department and/or one of the agency specific emails listed below.

  • If you are not performing "essential" services, and are not already working from home, call the union office immediately at (212) 686-1229.

  • If you have been identified as an employee performing "essential" services but disagree with that classification, call the union office immediately at (212) 686-1229.

  • If you require an accommodation due to an underlying medical condition or disability, you can submit a Reasonable Accommodation Request by filling out your agency’s appropriate request form and attaching the necessary supporting medical documentation. You can download a generic Reasonable Accommodation Request Form at the following link:


    If you require assistance in pursuing a Reasonable Accommodation with your agency, call the union office at (212) 686-1229.

    The union has been contacting agency labor relations offices on behalf of members as needed to address problems as they arise. We have assisted many members transition to telework. We have been providing guidance and support for reasonable accommodation requests. We have been seeking reclassifications to "non-essential" status when members have been misclassified.

    We need to hear from you quickly about any problems you are experiencing at your agency. You are our eyes and ears on the ground. If we don't know a problem exists, we cannot act to correct it. If you feel you are being denied the right to work remotely without cause or are experiencing dangerous conditions in your workplace, let us know.

    The most recent leave policy guidance from DCAS, the Transit Authority, NYC Health + Hospitals and the NYC Housing Authority are linked below in the resources section of this page. If you have any questions about these documents or how to interpret them, please call the union office at (212) 686-1229.

  • No matter your classification, you always have the option to stay out of the office and use your accrued leave balance. If you do not have any time in your leave balance, you may request that time be advanced to you.

  • If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, you are eligible for up to two work weeks of excused leave at full pay. Any further absence beyond two work weeks can be charged to your sick leave accruals.

  • If you have been advised by a healthcare provider to self-quarantine either because of exposure to COVID-19 or because of heightened risk associated with exposure to COVID-19, or are subject to a governmental quarantine or isolation order, you are eligible for up to two work weeks of excused leave at full pay.

  • If you are caring for an individual who has been advised by a licensed health care provider to self-quarantine because of exposure to COVID-19, or due to a heightened risk associated with exposure to COVID-19, or subject to a governmental quarantine or isolation order, you are eligible for two work weeks of excused leave at partial pay (two thirds of the your regular rate of pay, not to exceed $200 per day).

  • If you are caring for a son or daughter under 18 years of age whose school or place of care has been closed or whose child care provider is unavailable due to COVID-19 and you are unable to telework, you may take up to 12 weeks of Family Medical Leave.

    -- During the first ten work days of such leave, you may receive excused leave at two-thirds your regular rate of pay, not to exceed $200 per day or a total of $2,000. Or, you can elect to utilize your accrued annual leave or compensatory time at your full rate of pay.

    -- After the first ten work days of leave to care for a child, leave will be paid at two-thirds of your regular rate of pay, not to exceed $200 per day or a total of $10,000. You may not utilize accrued leave or compensatory time during this ten-week period.

    For any of the paid leave described above, you will need to submit supporting medical documentation, which can be obtained from your personal physician, hospital, or on-line medical service provider.

    PAID LEAVE QUESTIONS? Call the union at 212-686-1229 and ask to speak to the Grievance Department. They are here to help you navigate this unprecedented situation. You can also call the New York City Health Department at (855) 491-2667. They can provide information about paid sick leave and can help in securing medical documentation to support your request.

    WORKERS' COMPENSATION: If you been diagnosed with COVID-19 contracted on the job, the union encourages you to immediately notify your employer and to apply for Workers' Compensation. The long term effects of Covid-19 are not known and getting your on-the-job exposure recorded could be important to long term workers' compensation benefits. The New York State Workers' Compensation Board requires you to file your claim within 30 days. You will need to provide medical documentation to substantiate your claim. Information on filing a claim can be found on the Board's website at this link.

    OSA does not provide legal counsel in Workers' Compensation cases. You may choose any attorney who handles Worker's Compensation cases. One resource in finding a suitable lawyer is the New York City Bar Association. They will provide a free consultation and referral to a relevant lawyer. Visit the Bar Association's website at this link. Another resource on lawyers who handle Workers' Compensation cases is the New York Committee For Occupational Safety and Health which publishes an annual "Workers Resource Guide" which you can reach at this link: NYCOSH 2020 Workers Resource Guide

    If you have problems filing your claim, you can call the NYS Workers' Compensation Board Advocate for Injured Workers at 800-580-6665.

    BLOOD DONATION: The New York Blood Center (NYBC), one of the main supplies of blood products to NYC Health + Hospitals, has issued an urgent call for blood donors as reserves are running dangerously low. Before COVID-19, mobile blood drives hosted by schools, organizations, and businesses made up around 75% of the region's incoming blood supply, but all drives had to be cancelled during the past several months. NYBC has extended donor center hours and is encouraging donors to schedule an appointment to visit one of their controlled, safe environments in NYC, NJ and nearby counties. To make an appointment call 1-800-933-2566 or visit

    DIAGNOSTIC TESTING FOR COVID-19: A wide range of sites are providing diagnostic PCR tests for COVID-19, ranging from primary care physicians, urgent care centes, New York City Health+Hospitals sites and DOHMH clinics. Regardless of insurance coverage, there is no out-of-pocket cost to patients for the test, and the costs of any uninsured New Yorker will be covered free of charge. Insured patients will have their insurance billed for the test. Tests are offered 7 days per week with no appointment necessary. CityMD locations can be found on CityMD's website. With expanded testing criteria now in effect, any person with COVID-19 symptoms is now eligible to receive a test. Those who have been exposed to a positive case or work in a congregate residential setting are also eligible for testing regardless of symptoms.

    Another set of resources for finding a diagnostic testing site are this NY State Health Department search tool and this New York City website.

    EXTENSION OF HEALTH BENEFITS FOR DEPENDENTS OF CITY EMPLOYEES WHO PASS AWAY FROM COVID-19: Eligible dependents of City employees that pass away due to COVID-19 may continue to receive City health benefits coverage for 45-days from the date of death of the City employee. Dependents will receive this letter in the mail notifying them of this, along with this 45-Day Extension of Health Benefits Form. The 45-Day Extension of Health Benefits Form can be submitted either by Agency HR personnel or directly by the eligible dependent. The completed form, along with a copy of the death certificate, as well as a positive COVID-19 test result if the death certificate does not list COVID-19 as cause of death, must be submitted via secure e-mail to: Upon receipt, the Health Benefits Program will process the request and notify the health insurance carrier of the 45-day health benefits coverage extension for the deceased City employee's dependent(s). The Health Benefits Program will also send a confirmation letter to the eligible dependent(s) advising them that their coverage has been extended along with information on available COBRA coverage options, which can be purchased after the 45-day extension period ends. The form is also available on the Health Benefits website at For more information, you may call Valerie Berry, NYC Health Benefits Representative, at 212-306-7342.

    In late May of 2020, the City's Office of Labor Relations addressed the NYS government's legislative extension of health benefits to survivors of public sector workers who pass away from Covid-19, within the context of providing accidental death pension benefits to those dependents: "Regarding the COBRA extension of health coverage for surviving dependents of City employees who died of COVID. As you know, under the legislation passed by New York State, the accidental death pension benefit will be paid to families of those workers who reported to work at their usual place of public employment (not at home) on or after March 1 and who died within 45 days of reporting to work, and died of COVID on or before December 31, 2020. While that should make the City's 45 day extension of benefits for surviving families of City employees that died from COVID largely obsolete based on Section 12-126 of the Administrative Code, we intend to keep the 45 day extension in place to cover those that may not qualify under the date restrictions and to provide a bridge for families for a period of time while the pension claim may be pending. There were specific questions regarding families who had already paid for COBRA coverage. Those families (we know of only two so far) will get a refund of the COBRA premiums they paid. To expedite that process, you can have anyone requiring a refund contact Georgette Gestely at OLR."

    Note that the State legislation providing accidental death pension benefits to the beneficiaries of those who died from COVID-19 has more recently been extended through December 31, 2022. You can find information about the benefit and the policy on this page on the NYCERS website.

    CITY TEMPERATURE SCREENING POLICY FOR AGENCIES IMPLEMENTING DAILY SCREENING: The City has issued recommended guidelines and a checklist for agencies administering Covid-19 symptoms questioning and temperature screening for City employees. You can read the policy document at this link.


    NYCHA - COVID-19 Related Questions

    NYC Health + Hospitals - COVID-19 Related Questions

    HRA - DSS COVID-19 Related Telework Requests

    HPD - COVID-19 Health Related Questions

    DOF - Employment Questions

    DOB - COVID-19 Related Questions

    ACS - COVID-19 Related Questions

    If we learn of additional agency email addresses specifically for COVID-19 related issues, we will add them here. If you know of an email address at your agency which we should post, please call (212) 686-1229 and let the union know.

    If you are seeking a Reasonable Accommodation, you can find a list of EEO officers with emails by agency on the following list

    EEO Officer List By Agency



    The City's Department of Citywide Administrative Services has issued a new guidance document (6/3/2020) for mayoral agencies on leave policies during the coronavirus emergency. You can download it at the following link. It supersedes the policies previously posted here and the one which we previously posted in the March 16 Weekly Newsline.

    Updated 1-7-21 DCAS Guidance Document On Leave Policy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    The latest version of the DCAS Leave Policy included these important highlighted changes:

    Limited the leave for COVID positive cases to four (4) weeks unless the employee is hospitalized or in a rehabilitation facility, in which case the employee will receive an additional ten (10) days of excused leave after being discharged. Documentation must be provided to support the need for the absence.

    Added clarifying language that leave under Section E of the FFCRA is now limited to a cumulative total of two workweeks regardless of the number of episodes of experiencing symptoms or exposure to someone who tested positive. This means that employees will only be entitled to ten (10) cumulative days of excused leave after being exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19 and will not receive additional excused leave if they are exposed more than once.

    To be eligible for excused leave, employees must provide documentation from a health care provider indicating that they are required to quarantine and/or experiencing symptoms and are seeking a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. Employees must provide a copy of the test results. Please note that rapid test results will no longer be sufficient documentation.

    In reference to leave due to school closures, a provision was added stating that employees must provide documentation from the school that provides the learning schedule for the child.

    A new Section IV.C was added and provides guidelines for leave from vaccine reactions.

    In Section III.B, a provision was added to address incidents when employees experience power or internet outages while teleworking.'

    DCAS previously issued a Personnel Services Bulletin on telework which you can download here:

    Personnel Services Bulletin 600-3 "Temporary Citywide Telework Policy for City Employees During the COVID-19 Outbreak"

    The guidelines and PSB apply to mayoral agencies. Many of those mayoral agencies have issued guidance documents to their employees based on these overall policies.

    For example, here is a guidance document from the Human Resources Administration:

    HRA Telework Procedure

    If you did not receive anything from your agency, please ask your HR department for the relevant document.

    RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT RELAXATION: Temporary Relaxation Of Residency Requirements For New Hires At Mayoral Agencies DCAS issued this policy on 4/13/20 which affects new Mayoral Agency Hires durng the current coronavirus emergency.The policy does not apply to NYC H+H, NYCHA or the DOE.

    DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN CHANGES: Options For Members Of The NYC Deferred Compensation Plan The federal CARES Act has several provisions that apply to members of the DCP. If you are receiving Required Minimum Distributions as a retiree you may elect not to take your 2020 RMD. Loans taken from the DCP may be increased and the repayment period extended. You may take a distribution - without the normal early withdrawal penalty - of up to $100,000 from your DCP account so long as you meet one of three criteria. Finally, you may take a hardship distribution from your DCP account. Read the information on all four of these options at the link.

    HEALTHCARE CHANGE:Telemedicine visits for members and covered dependents via the Teladoc program are now available to City workers enrolled in a City Emblemhealth plan - HIP HMO as well as GHI CBP. For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, co-pays for Teladoc visits are waived. Teladoc gives you access to a doctor 24 hours a day/7 days a week either by phone, video or mobile app. Telemedicine can be used for non-emergency symptoms of flu, COVID-19, allergies, stomach aches, eye infections, bronchitis or other conditions. In any emergency situation, in-person medical services are recommended. Employees covered by EmblemHealth programs including EBCBS/GHI CBP, HIP HMO, HIP POS, GHI HMO, and VYTRA are eligible. More information can be obtained at this link.

    SUBWAY SHUTDOWN 2-4AM/ALTERNATE TRAVEL FOR ESSENTIAL WORKERS: The MTA, under the order of Governor Andrew Cuomo, is shutting down all subway service during the overnight period from 2am to 4am. Essential workers needing alternate means to reach their workplaces are encouraged to visit this website which gives you the ability to plan alternate bus transit for your trip.


    NYPD Telework Q&A 3/27/20

    NYPD Telework Policy 3/20/20

    NYPD Reasonable Accommodation Q&A 4/7/20

    NYPD Hotel Accommodations 4/3/20

    NYPD Handling Stress, Anxiety and Fear 3/20/20

    NYPD Sick Guidelines Message 3/27/20

    NYPD Reasonable Accommodations Message 4/6/20

    The New York City Police Department has made testing available to members of service in cooperation with three providers: Montefiore Health Systems, ProHEALTH, and Northwell Health. More information can be downloaded here:

    NYPD Commissioner Shea's Email Announcing the Availability of Testing

    Overview of the Testing Program By All Three Providers

    ProHealth Testing Locations


    New York City Health + Hospitals has issued (3/17/2020) the agency's temporary telework policy during the COVID-19 emergency. You can download it at the following link:

    COVID-19 Temporary Telework Policy - NYC Health + Hospitals

    Sick Leave Documentation Policy - NYC Health + Hospitals (As of May 1 reverts to pre-April standards.)

    Return To Work Policy For Those Ill With Covid-19

    COVID-19 TESTING: Availability of COVID-19 Testing For NYC Health + Hospitals Employees Some H+H employees were incorrectly billed for COVID-19 testing, which is free for H+H employees. If you are billed for the testing, please contact customer service at 833-401-8612 for assistance.

    HHC Chair Dr. Mitchell Katz Address To Staff

    OVERVIEW OF ACCOMMODATIONS AVAILABLE TO H+H STAFF Overview of Various Accommodations Available to New York City Health+Hospitals Staff You can find additional information on the H+H website at this link.

    Info On Childcare For Essential NYC H+H Workers

    CHILDCARE: NYC Health + Hospitals is offering child care support (ages 0-12 years), during the COVID-19 outbreak, to help employees find full-time child care in a Bright Horizons center or at-home child care services with screened child care providers. Child care services will begin April 15th and are free to NYC Health + Hospitals' workforce (employees, affiliate and temporary staff) during the emergency response. Apply now by completing the Childcare Application Form. Once you apply, you will receive an email confirmation (as early as April 13), and instructions on what you need to do to access services beginning April 15th.

    You can also obtain information by emailing NYC Health + Hospitals Childcare Info Email

    FREE HOTEL ROOMS FOR NYC H+H EMPLOYEES: Hotel rooms may be reserved for reasons that include, but are not limited to, self-quarantine, possible COVID-19 exposure, inability to return home for risk of exposing members of their household, or other COVID-19 related reasons. All NYC Health + Hospitals employees are eligible, including affiliate, contingent and temporary staff, in clinical and non-clinical roles. To make a request, visit this H+H webpage. Complete the online Hotel Reservation Form. You will be required to enter your Employee ID number. This is the 9-digit TKID number found on the back of your employee photo-ID card. Hotel accommodation requests will be accepted daily during the coronavirus emergency. REQUESTS SUBMITTED BY 12 P.M. WILL RECEIVE CONFIRMATION THE SAME DAY. REQUESTS RECEIVED AFTER 12 P.M. WILL RECEIVE CONFIRMATION THE NEXT DAY. (Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for individuals who request same-day hotel reservations after the 12 p.m. deadline.) For additional information and support: email HOTELRESERVATIONS@NYCHHC.ORG or call the COVID19 HOTEL SUPPORT HOTLINE at 646-694-5100. FOR GENERAL QUESTIONS AND SUPPORT:

    PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: NYC Health+Hospitals has established a hotline number for Personal Protective Equipment. The PPE Hotline number is: 646-614-3030. This is a 24/7 hotline that staff can call to obtain answers about PPE requirements or getting the PPE that an H+H staff member needs.

    DIRECT DEPOSIT/QUICK PAY: NYC Health+Hospitals is mandating staff to either use direct deposit for paychecks or, if not, to use "Chase Quick Pay" which will either provide transfers to a bank account of your choice or print and mail a paper check to you. To learn more about the program read this document and, for frequently asked questions about the program, read this document.

    FREE TAXI RIDES: All NYC Health + Hospitals employees who work at acute care sites (11 hospitals, Roosevelt Island Medical Center and Billie Jean King) are eligible for free rides through Curb. You may get up to four one-way trips per week free to travel to and from work. Rides are available 24/7. To book a ride, call 347-493-2995 or download the Curb App. Click here for details.

    COVID-19 ANTIBODY TESTING TESTING FOR NYC HEALTH + HOSPITALS DIRECT CARE STAFF: NYC Health + Hospitals is offering SARS-CoV-2 antibody testing to direct care staff. Employees who wish to be tested can schedule an appointment by calling 646-614-4001. They will be rolling-out the test weekly to the following groups of employees: Week 1: Employees working in 'hot zones' -- EDs, ICUs, L&D; Week 2: Employees working on Medical/Surgical units; Week 3: All other employees with patient contact.Frequently asked questions can be seen here: Employee Antibody Testing

    EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT FOR HEALTH CARE WORKERS: NYC Health + Hospitals is teaming up with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and GHNYA to provide mental health programs to support health care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new program will tailor elements of DoD combat stress management for military personnel. Facility-based trainings will begin in June. This is in addition to H+H's Helping Healers Heal program - which already offers frontline NYC Health + Hospitals staff direct mental health support, a dedicated 24/7 helpline, peer support, and wellness areas for staff to take a break from patient care areas.


    The Transit Authority has issued a separate policy for Telework. Interested and eligible TA members should complete the form at this link and submit it to your agency:

    TA Telework Form

    TA Coronavirus Guidance Information

    MTA Telework Policy June 2020This is a new telework policy document issued by the TA in mid-June.

    MTA Teleworking User Guide This was released by the TA in July.

    MTA Leave Guidance March 2021This updated memo was issued in March of 2021 and supercedes prior leave guidance documents issued by the MTA.

    MTA Deferred Compensation Plan and the CARES Act

    FAMILY MEMBER BENEFIT: MTA $500,000 Family Member Benefit The MTA will provide a $500,000 death benefit to surviving family members of its staff, including OSA-represented staff, who pass due to COVID-19.

    TRANSIT AUTHORITY ANTIBODY TESTS: The MTA has announced the rollout of COVID-19 antibody testing for agency employees. At this link you can find an overview of the antibody testing program. Priority goes to essential staff performing critical operating roles. You can get information about testing appointment scheduling here. You can get information about testing results policies at this link. Information about the NYS Department of Health Wadsworth Lab antibody test and what it reveals can be found at this link.

    The TA has also issued information that antibody testing at MTA locations begins the week of May 6 at MAC 1, located at 180 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, NY and will expand to additional sites over the following two weeks. Information can be found in this document. Details on availability of testing by location and dates/times will be updated on the registration website. If employees choose to be tested, they will need to utilize their own time.

    SUBWAY SHUTDOWN 2-4AM/ALTERNATE TRAVEL FOR ESSENTIAL WORKERS: The MTA is now shutting down all subway service during the overnight period from 2am to 4am. Essential workers needing alternate means to reach their workplaces are encouraged to visit this website which gives you the ability to plan alternate bus transit for your trip.

    MILITARY LEAVE BENEFITS EXTENSION: The MTA has extended through the end of 2020 the military leave and extended benefits for activated reservists that was initially implemented after the 9/11 attacks. You can find more information on these benefits and policies in this memorandum.


    The NYC Housing Authority has issued its own leave guidance for those potentially affected by coronavirus which you can download here:

    Complete NYCHA Coronavirus Leave Policy Revised As Of 1-12-21

    NYCHA Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    NYCHA: How To Temporarily Suspend Commuter Benefits

    NYCHA Guidance For Field Workers

    NYCHA Frequently Asked Questions On The Wearing of Masks

    NYCHA Guidance for Supervisory Workers

    NYCHA COMPUTER REIMBURSEMENT: The Housing Authority has announced that staff members who purchased a computer during a specific period in March and April, in order to work remotely from home, are eligible for up to $750 in reimbursement for the equipment purchase. Information about the reimbursement appears in this memo. The form you must complete and submit can be downloaded here. For information on completing the form read the information you can download here.

    SUBWAY SHUTDOWN 2-4AM/ALTERNATE TRAVEL FOR ESSENTIAL NYCHA WORKERS: The MTA under the order of Governor Andrew Cuomo is now shutting down all subway service during the overnight period from 2am to 4am. The Housing Authority issued this memo about alternate service during the overnight period. Essential workers needing alternate means to reach their workplaces are encouraged to visit this website which gives you the ability to plan alternate bus transit for your trip.


  • NYCERS PENSION ISSUES: During the current pandemic, the offices of NYCERS are closed and temporary procedures have been put in place for those seeking to file for a service retirement, appoint individuals as their power of attorney and other matters. You can read about these procedures at the following links:

  • NYCERS Temporary Procedures During the Pandemic

  • Dealing With NYCERS During the Pandemic

  • Application for Service Retirement Tier 2, 3, 4, 6

  • Power of Attorney Fact Sheet

  • Power of Attorney Form

    NYCERS ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFITS FOR BENEFICIARIES DUE TO COVID NYCERS has information on their website about accidental death benefits available to statutory beneficiaries of members whose death was a result of or was contributed to by COVID-19. The benefit has been extended to members who die through December 31, 2022. You can find the information and a fact sheet on this page on the NYCERS website.


    NYC EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: If you are experiencing behavioral health impacts from the current coronavirus pandemic, you may wish to consult the Employee Assistance Program which can be reached at the following web address:

    Employee Assistance Program

    The NYC EAP provides services to the City of New York non-uniform Mayoral agencies, NYC Department of Correction, New York City Housing Authority and NYC Health + Hospitals. Employees and their family members of these agencies can receive services by calling (212) 306-7660 or by e-mail to

    NYC WELL: You can also reach out for support and help by contacting NYC Well, a confidential 24/7 helpline, staffed by trained counselors. They can provide brief counseling and referrals to care in over 200 languages.This help can be accessed by:

    Calling 888-NYC-WELL (888-692-9355)

    Texting "WELL" to 65173

    Engaging in a chat at NYC WELL

    NYS EMOTIONAL SUPPORT LINE: On Wednesday, 3/25/20, Governor Cuomo announced that an Emotional Support Line run by the New York State Office of Mental Health is up and running, staffed by more than 7,000 volunteers, which can be reached at 1-844-863-9314. Any New Yorker who finds him or herself with emotional concerns during this crisis can call the number and request to schedule a free conversation. The Emotional Support Line provides free and confidential support, helping callers experiencing increased anxiety due to the coronavirus emergency. Support Line volunteers have received training in crisis counseling.

    GRIEF COUNSELING: The City Department of Health has produced this fact sheet to help people with Grief Counseling

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Finally, for individuals with domestic violence issues, staying home may bring with it problems. To find services for domestic & gender-based violence survivors, you can call NYC's 24-hour Hotline for these issues at 1-800-621-HOPE (1-800-621-4673) or call 911 for emergencies. You can obtain more information at NYCHOPE.


    The Department of Education has established "Regional Enrichment Centers" for school age children of those who may be working during this period. You can find information about the program at this website DOE Regional Enrichment Centers

    You can also download this factsheet.

    For information on remote learning, visit this page on the DOE website:

    DOE Remote Learning Information

    Children and other hungry New York residents unable to access adequate nutrition during this crisis can get free meals at "Meal Hubs" set up by the City. Meals can be picked up at all Meal Hubs from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The Meals Hubs will operate for children and families from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, and for adults from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. No one will be turned away. All adults and children can pick up three meals at one time. Vegetarian and halal options available at all sites and meals must be eaten off premises.

    Free Meals for School Kids And Other Hungry New Yorkers


    If you or someone in your family find themselves unemployed or are looking for other city resources, visit:

    COVID-19 Resources


    Members who have not been identified for telework can request it at their agency. You can also submit a Reasonable Accommodation Request based on disability, such as an underlying health condition that would put you at risk at work. Work from home requests due to disability are being handled like any other Reasonable Accommodation Request and you will need supporting medical documentation. Ask your HR or EEO department for the relevant form, or use this generic Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

    You can find a list of EEO officers by agency at the following link:

    EEO Officer List By Agency

    For those taking care of a sick relative, OSA is part of the Paid Family Leave Program offered by the State of New York. For information on how this program can be of assistance, you can download the following documents:

    The Paid Family Leave Application Process

    A PFL Factsheet

    Application Form For Those Caring For A Family Member

    Personnel Services Bulletin on Paid Family Leave

    Information From The NYS Department of Taxation


    World Health Organization Coronavirus Page

    United States Centers For Disease Control Coronavirus Page

    New York City Covid-19 Citywide Information Portal

    The Mayor's Daily Briefings on the Coronavirus Crisis Are On The City's Website

    New York State Covid-19 Information Page

    The Governor's Daily Briefings on the Coronavirus Crisis Are On the Governor's Website

    New York State COVID Tracker - Data On the Disease Within The State

    COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University